Keeping Track of What’s Happening – S3Stat!!!

Starting this blog and producing a podcast is a time consuming effort that has great reward when you from those who read or listen in. But I’ve wondered what I can do to improve. Amazon S3┬áhas allowed me to have a place to stream my podcast for just the right price based on the fact that the podcast isn’t setup for generating and funds so the $0 price tag is perfect! But to find out what is going on with the streaming data, I found this great companion product S3Stat┬áthat gives me TONS of information that I can use to make what is being done even better! I can get reports on traffic patterns that will help me determine days and times that are better than others. It helps me see which podcasts are more popular that others. There are reports also that I can review and share! It was relatively simple to setup and gives me visibility into my traffic that is just not available with any of the other tools I’ve looked at like Feedburner, Soundcloud Pulse, or Google Analytics. It’s a great tool and I highly recommend it!